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Read and practice saying the dialogues

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Reception: Reception.

Guest: This is room 112. Our room isn’t ready for us. There are no towels, soap and toilet paper in the bathroom.

Reception: Oh, I’m sorry, madam. These things should have been ready for you. I’ll contact the Housekeeping straight away.

Guest: Oh, and the noise in the room 113, next door to me, is awful. Can you do something about it?

Reception: Of course, madam. I’ll speak to the people there immediately.


Guest: Hello, front desk?

Reception: Yes.

Guest: This is Ann Tudor from room 504.

Reception: How can I help you, Mrs Tudor?

Guest: I want to take a shower and there is no hot water.

Reception: I can’t understand that. Have you turned the handle all the way to the right?

Guest: I’ve been trying to get hot water for ten minutes. It’s cold!

Reception: Well, a lot of people take showers before breakfast. Maybe if you wait a while, it’ll be warm again.

Guest: Wait! I have three appointments this morning and I want to wash and dry my hair.

Reception: Are you sure that there is absolutely no hot water?

Guest: Of course!

Reception: I’ll contact the Maintenance and they will send someone up right away.

Guest: Who will that be?

Reception: The engineer.

Guest: Who is the engineer?

Reception: The engineer is the person who looks after all building maintenance. He will be there in two minutes.

Guest: Ok, but don’t send anyone for five minutes, I’m still in my nightdress.

9. Work in pairs. You are a receptionist. Somebody phones the front desk and complains about:

1) no hangers in the wardrobe;

2) TV out of order;

3) room service breakfast late;

4) noisy neighbours;

5) insects in the bathroom;

6) problem with a fridge.

Try to solve these problems and calm the guests.


Health and safety at work.


first aiders trip slip on dirty floors must keep the fire exits clear the fire exits test the alarms fire drills assembly points carefully health and safety regulations toxic use the anti­bacterial hand gel lift heavy objects keep away from food poisonous bend knees strain back minimize the risk warning sign worn flexes faulty electrical equipment protect hands and eyes good protection from germs and bacteria wear rubber gloves

Listen to the dialogue “Your health and safety is important for us”. Are the sentences true or false?

1. Health and safety is a very serious subject. true/false

2. The hotel has regular fires. true/false

3. The hotel tests the fire alarms regularly. true/false

4. If staff see an accident, they must phone reception. true/false

5. There is a list of first aiders at reception. true/false

6. Many cleaning products are poisonous. true/false

7. When lifting heavy objects you must bend your back. true/false


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